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Re: Value of '86 4kq with ~140,000

Dave, I paid $1600 U.S. for my 1985 4KSQ. I think maybe a good example 
should go for $3k. 

dfox wrote:
> Hey.
> Anyone know the approximate value of a 1986 4kq? A local lot has an ok
> looking one for sale. They want what looks to be a silly amount ($4900). I
> checked Edmunds and would guess $2500 (retail) is closer to the mark.
> However, I'd guess there are some more seasoned eyes than mine on this list.
> Please either post to the list or email me (whichever you prefer) if you are
> willing to offer the assistance I request.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Dave Fox
> '90 100
> '92 100csq