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RE: 205/50-15 TIRES ON 90Q?

On Tue, 11 Jun 1996 mbenno@mail.MR.Net wrote:

> 1. We are dealing with several different cars with different offsets:
> 	Offset	  Models
> 	Unknown	  80Q
> 	45mm	  90Q
> 	37mm	  90Q-20 Valve
> 	37mm	  Coupe Quattro (20 Valve) 

The 90 20V is 37mm, but the coupe Q 20V is 43mm. I have a set of wheels 
off of one, thinking I could use them, (they look the same!) But the back 
of the wheels say 43mm, and my 90Q is 37mm.  :(


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