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Taking Delivery 1990 "90 Quattro 20V"

Hi Folks,

 I'd like to introduce myself to the list and tell you about the Quattro   
I'm taking delivery on tonight.  My name is Paul Royal and I live in   
Exeter, NH which is about 8 miles from the NH seacoast.  I commute to   
Boston daily in my present Audi.  I've been a motorhead since way back   
when, but the Quattro is new to me and I'm looking forward to conversing   
with you on all matter of Quattro interest.  I'm no stranger to the Audi   
and bought this new car knowing full well both the sweetness and   
aggravation of owning something from Ingolstadt (sp?).

Thanks to those on the list that responded a few days ago when I   
requested a head's up on the 90 Quattro.

 This is my new set of wheels:

 1990 90 Quattro 20V......91,000 miles...excellent condition
 (by matter of mutual interest I paid 10,650)
 Options include:  leather, trip computer, alarm, heated seats,
    (all weather package) electric seats with
     memory, hi-perf CD player and spkrs.
     climate control (option?)
 My list of things to do immediately to it are as follows:
 Timing Belt
 All new belts
 4 Wheel Alignment
 Fix slightly bent rim..or replace (sources anyone?)
 Sending unit switch for water temp
 Drag control arms?

 I would also like to reccommend the following service for Audi's of
 all kinds:  Euro-Sport Automotive on Route 3 in Merrimack, NH
     They are excellent and straight up!

 I will be unloading my present Audi 5Ks with 248,000 miles if
 anyone is interested (no 248K is not a misprint and it does have
 little problems but still runs and looks excellent).

 Finally a request.....lighten up on the Audi God stuff..it's getting

Paul Royal 1990 90 Quattro 20V
  1987 5000s  (248,000 miles)
  1967 Chevrolet SS/RS Camaro 350 (A-1)