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1997 Calendars $25 each

Hey Y'all,

I just spoke with Ms. Ursula Harrer (with a lovely German accent and
apologizing for her English which, BTW, is FAR superior to my German  :-) )
in Ingolstadt about the 1997 Audi calendars.  

Pricing will be 35DM (25DM + 10DM shipping) each.  This works out to
approximately $23.49 at the current (yesterday's) exchange rate (1.49 DM/$1.00).

I request that if you want one or more of these calendars that you mail me a
check in the amount of $25.00 for *each* calendar you want.  INCLUDE YOUR

My snail-mail address is in my .sig file below.

The extra $1.51 will be used to cover possible changes in the rate of
exchange between now and the time of transfer of funds and any additional
expenses incurred for trans-atlantic phone charges, etc.  Any residual
"profits" will be considered a donation for Dan's "new" engine and will be
sent to him.

Upon receipt of your check AND SHIPPING ADDRESS (!!!) the appropriate number
of shipping labels will be prepared and sent to Ms. Harrer about September
1.  If your check is not in my hands by that time you will not be included
in the order.

BTW,  Ms. Harrer indicated that she may be able to provide the pictures from
the calendar to me electronically so that they may be "placed on the
internet".  Who wants 'em for posting?  I don't have them yet.  

She will give my e-mail address to someone there to allow for easier
communications.  DAN?  YOU LISTENING?  You get it as soon as I do.  :-)

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