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Re: A6 Fan speed/Moore

On Jun 12,  9:35am, colin cohen wrote:

> Here is one for you, are you able to switch on the a/c, hit
> recirc. and have it stay in recirc. mode.  Mine switches out
> of recirc. for no apparent reason. I can switch it on again
> and it usually stays on thereafter...but sometimes the
> Audi Gods interfere with it again.

Don't know if the A6 and A4 have identical climate controls,
but the A4 manual indicates that if the compressor switches
off temporarily (e.g. due to high engine load), the recirc
mode will be reset, and will need to be manually set again.

As much as I love my A4Q so far, I've gotta say that the
climate control system is a piece of wacky engineering.

Dan Masi