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Tornado Red Paint Questions

Hi all,

I have a car (VW this time) with the Tornado Red paint.  The paint is not as
thick as I would have expected - but alas I can do nothing about that now.
Question - the plastic parts (in this case the front of the car (no grille on
this car)) have discolored more than the paint (which has discolored ie.
darkened).  I've tried some McGuires stuff - can't remember which - which had no
noticabe effect.
The other problem is chips(not the potato type) all over the hood. Wax geets in
there and I have whitish spots all over - the chips are too small to touchup
(not really I guess) but the touchup paint is soo much brighter than my oxidxed
darkish color.  The car is a few months short of 5yrs old and I would like to
freshen the paint.  It has never had anything done other than waxing.

BTW - the car is in Maine and there are no "chips away" type places and the
detailers just do a wax on the outside and hopefully don't leave cigarrette
burns inside (arghhhhh) so this has got to be a DIY and with readily obtainable


Randy ...