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Round Black, Holds Air 700Z's

A while back someone asked about the new breed of Pirelli's. I've been wary
of the reputation they have on this list, but Tired Crack is having a nice
sale this month.

If my eyes don't deceive me, the 205/50-15's Pirelli P700Z's are $71 each.
That's Vr rated so it'd be P700V's. That's cheeper than the avaunted Dunlop

Have also heard that the VW list chose the P700's as the fastest wearing
tires this side of them emergency skinnys.
Guess I'll find out the hard way.

Anyone got anything good to say about the P700Z's other than it'll hold
40Lbs of air.

I'm replacing a pair of A509's.
happy cruising. May the gasoline prices drop even after the 3 million
gallons that went up in flames in NJ.