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Re: 200tq fixed :)

Hairy green toads from Mars made SOP8920@Siena.edu say:

> Question for the masses: Somebody, I think it was dr.BOB, mentioned that the
> LCD/ Dash-puter jitters was an easy fix. I think the dealer tried once while
> the car was under warantee, but since then it's still bad. It comes and goes,
> but mostly it's gone.. just displaying a jumble of lines or shapes. When it's
> clear.. everything, all the info it provides, is good. Loose wire maybe? If
> anybody knows how to fix it, or any leads.. I'd appreciate the info.

Mine does that, as do half the displays on this list.

Mike LaRosa has fixed his, and claims it's pretty easy: pop the
dashboard cluster and remove/clean/reinstall the plug for the display.

I really gotta get it done some day....


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