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A4 Alarm: More Data Points

See below message I received this morning.  I, too, did get it to go off
this morning, with the windows down.  I opened my garage and it didn't go
off.  I stuck my arm in twice and the second time I snapped my fingers andit
went off.  I think the snapping was a coincidence.  When I piece all of this
information together, it tells me the sensors will not notice motion low in
the window, but if something breaks the plane higher up, it goes off.

I know for fact it is not noise (the manual specifically states the sensors
do not monitor the glass/windows).


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>Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 09:55:19 -0400
>From: Steve Hornberger <steve.hornberger@pace.medtronic.com>
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>Subject: A4 Alarm
>The dealer demonstrated the interior motion sensor when I picked up my 
>A4Q in January. Apparently it doesn't work if the window is rolled down
>very far. The trick they used for the demonstration was to just leave 
>the drivers window open just a small amount (about 1"). Then they stuck
>a rolled up sheet of paper (or brochure) through the crack and waved it
>in front of the motion sensor. The alarm went off. Oh, and the other key
>is to wait until 30 seconds after the alarm has been activated because
>the motion sensors normalize themselves during the first 30 seconds after
>the alarm has been armed. I haven't had any problems with the alarm system.
>I have had problems with a rattle in the sunroof. They've had my car for 
>several days trying to fix it. Now they're taking the headliner down to 
>try and find the problem. I'm looking forward to getting my car back and
>I hope they get it put back together ok. 
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