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5KS '87 4 sale?

From:  Royal,Paul
Sent:  Wednesday, June 12, 1996 2:47 PM
To:  rjandrew
Subject:  5Ks FOR SALE?

  Hi Folks,
 After my recent aquisition of '90 90Q20V I am thinking of unloading the   
following car.
 I haven't thought about nor do I know what it might be worth.  I'll   
entertain anything that sounds
 like a reasonable offer and would appreciate any thoughts on it's value   
from anyone that has a clue.
 Maybe it should be parted out.  Please...keep the laughter to a minimum,   
as she's been one
 hell of a lady.  The car is located in southeastern NH.

 1987 5000S 2.3
 248,000 miles....I aquired at 60K
 (I put on 8,500 miles in 16 days last Fall going to Utah, British   
Columbia, and back to NH,
    so I still consider it to be very dependable..even though I probably   
 Power windows all work
 Defroster front and rear work
 Sunroof works
 Cruise works
 Replaced windshield about 80-100K ago
 no heated seats, grey velour upholstry is in very good to excellent   
 Metallic Grey.....all paint excellent..cept chips on hood front edge.
 Automatic transmission; never any trouble
 Oil changed every 3-4K  miles religiously w/Castrol GTX except 5K in   
winter when Mobil 1 was used
 Fram filters used exclusively since 60K
 Car totaled at 119K...car fixed by Eurosport in Merrimack NH..better   
than when it went in!
  (BTW: This was not my fault and the only interior damage was coffee on   
the windshield)
           all cosmetic damage..painted by guy that painted NE Porsche   
Club prez's car, hood, fender, bumper
 ALL receipts from ALL repairs.......always used 92-93 Octane minimum   
unless desperate
  brand name gas only, mostly Texaco and Citgo
 Good tires (Coopers) and rims
 Exhaust leak (somewhere...not fatal)
 Dash lights need replacing (I'll probably do...easy)
 Driver door handle just replaced
 Problem with driver's door lock coming all the way up with key (should   
be simple fix) otherwise fine
 Radio w/cassette works well but search and scan work intermittently
 Carpets: excellent to fair (guess where)
 Timing belt should be changed in 20-30K
 Auto climate control does not work on Auto...but does on Bi-level
 A/C is not currently working (leak somewhere)
 Rebuilt rack sometime ago
 replaced: ps pump, alternator a few months ago, heater blower motor,   
brake pressure accumulator ($400)
     battery warranteed beyond 2000...