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My AC problem

This is to wierd for me.  Here goes.  GOt my AC filled part of the way
one day as my compressor wasn't kicking on.  Shop stopped until 
I could figure out why.  Disconnected one the big relays under the dash. No
luck after looking at it, plugging it back in etc.  Next couple of days 
after that I take it out to go to the dealer with it so I could get
a new one (they'd haveto order it, go figure:( )  WHile it was out at
the dealer I just hit it a couple a times with my hand (lightly)  Plugged
it back in then.  Later on in the day I tried the AC and the clutch came on!
I figured it was fixed.  Well I ran it back to the garage and they filled
the AC rest of way.  No clutch.  IT didn't kick on.  So they ran a jumper
wire to the compressr and that worked.  Cold air again.  But now I have
to figure out why my clutch is not working.  Any help is GREATLY appreciated.