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A4 vs A6

If it were me, I would take the A4 vs the A6. I have an A6 and I like its
quietness, smoothness, general tractability, but its underpowered for its bulk.
You tend to use 70/80% of its performance a lot of the time, vs 50-60% which I
prefer.  So getting moving on the On ramps, catching up to the car in front to
close the box against a lane changer, pulling into a fast stream of traffic are
all easy and possible, but the foot is close to flat from time to time which
bruises my sensitive and overindulged ego.  However once up to speed, or with
the revsabove 2500, it has plenty of go for most applications and as a X
country driver its as good as any.

I upgraded my lights to Euros which are wonderful, and got the full Schaumberg
Audi package which helpes mostly above 3000 rpm, and needs the new air cleaner
above 5000.  But the A4 was not available when I bought, and I have had it with
manual trans. for traffic.  A 90 min commute of 23 miles in Chicago traffic
more than once a year is enough to rid even the most aggressive drivers of a
love of clutching...for control!?  Now I ask you with tears in my eyes...

No problems since 1992, touch wood, and there is plenty of it too!