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Re: A6 Fan Speed

you know, the funny thing about this is (before my 200q's feeble excuse for
an AC) i used to have decent respect for the air-blend HVAC systems from GM,
at least for their manually controlled ones (and that may still be true--my
experience w/ an '80 puick, '86 cavalier, '91 truck).  you want cold, you
got cold;  you want heat, you got heat.  quite a difference from the simple
water-valve systems in my Rabbit or '80 4000 where all i got was heat (leaky
valve).  what happened to those GM systems of old? 

At 11:39 AM 6/13/96 CDT, Edward T Spire wrote:
>I too had an 89 200 with that unit.  It was, in fact, the same unit
>that was in the 85 humpback Seville that I let my wife talk me into
>buying her before I got her the 200.
>The old unit was produced by **Delco**!  What a piece of crap it was.
>The current unit is much nicer.  I presume it only switches the manual
>setting when it figures it knows better than the person who set it...
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