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Re: A8's are in Northern Virginia!!

Mike Writes:
>we brought the 4.2 quattro back 'cuz it was out of gas.  Man, what a
>ride.  First time I'd played with the 4 speed Tiptonic (sp?)  Loved being
>able to shift an automatic!  Unbelieveably smooth, accelerated like a bat
>out of hell.  Handled like a dream, HUGE _255_ tires wrapped around
>17" wheels.  Egad.  They'll only be there three more dayz, so head over
>& ask for Jack Carpenter.  I can't brag enough about that car.

Drove the same car @ HBL about 3:00 pm yesterday.  This car is
smoking!  I don't know about Jack, but I went out with my sales dude &
he said 'Let it rip" when we got on the toll road.  As the needle zipped
past 220Kmh (German spec car) he appeared to turn just a slight shade
of Green.  

After the speed test (oh yes, it passed) we hit a curvy little road in Great
Falls, VA.  This Car is huge, BTW, but it was very tight and predictable,
even as I was driving like a ding-dong.  Lots of fun little gadgets, and
excellent acceleration for a car this size.  But this car was made for high
speed cruising.  As we slid past 100Mph (in 3rd gear) the car felt like it
was going +/- 50.

Tiptronic was neat, but really lacked the fun involved with a true
standard.  A six speed 4.2L Q A8 would be the car!  Of course, the price
tag is a bit hefty for those of us still waiting to win the lottery.

If this car hits your area, definately take it for a spin, you'll be smiling all

-Chris O'Conor