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Track Time school, duct tape

Does anyone have contact information (phone, name, e-mail?) for a driving 
school called Track Time? I understand that they will be running a session at 
the (Watkins) Glen race track in July; I may be interested. It's a 
run-what-you-brung school, I believe. 

Thanks much.

Frank Martin
Odessa, NY

'89 100Q
'88 Mazda 323 GTX
'84 H. Accord
'74 Harley Davidson 350 Sprint

p.s. For any (other) combination Audi (and cousin VW)-Red Green Show fans, an 
ammusing (?) note: a couple weeks ago, while strapping my daughters in the 
back seat of the Q, I saw passing by a Volkwagon Dasher wagon, with the 
bodywork *completely* covered with duct tape. It was a neat job, and one could 
only tell what what the "paint" job was until close. What a hoot! As Red says, 
"I don't know what part of the duck it's from, but it sure works!"