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1/2 Quart Low

 "Sheffield Corey" <SHEF@omdc.gso.uri.edu> said:
> >Could be oil splashed up onto the cylinder walls by the crank and burned when the oil level is near max....?
> >
> >-glen
> 	It could be Glen, but I've always run Amsoil(disclaimer here) and the
> vehicle never smokes. It just to 1/2 qt. low and stays there??
> Shef

Hey, friends, (esp. Unka Bart and the Hon. Bob in WBGVA) - doesn't 
this remind you of the 60's Chrysler 383-series engines?  They were 
famous for eating the first quart of oil after an oil and filter 
change, then running FOREVER at one quart low.  They didn't use any 
more oil, but many of them would gobble that first quart, then sit 
there.  Owners got used to always seeing them one quart low.

I do agree that if it's not leaking it, it must be burning it - but 
if the level doesn't drop past 1/2 quart low, well...if it ain't 
broke, don't fix it.

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