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Re: Quattro gallery

>Hey guys, I think this is the coolest idea, too bad some of the pics 
>don't clearly show what Audi they have (Scott, what do you have?) but I 
>really like this idea, it's great, and if I can find a pic I'll send it 
>off to you!  Great work whoever thought of this.  I like it :-)

Hi Steve,

A hearty thanks for your comments about the user Gallery.  (I guess
you could say that I'm the guy behind it).  

As far as pictures of members with their cars is concerned, it is
not really necessary that a person OWN an Audi or Quattro....  it
is for ALL member enthusiasts of the Q-list that wish to join.  

It doesn't matter to me if people have a photo with their cars or
not... it's mainly useful to put a face with the 'text'.  Also, a
handy little email photo directory.



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