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Re: VR5/I5?

> Now for my question.  Some info. is beginning to appear about a new 5
> cylinder VW engine they have named the VR5.  From the name I would assume it
   <<< SNIP >>> 
> that carries this engine.  Can you "longitudinally" mount a V engine?
> Granted, the VR6 certainly looks like an I engine from the outside.  The
> idea of a V5 is kinda funky (even though the angle is extremely narrow), but
> could it mean the VR5 is a completely new engine? (as opposed to a modified
> VR6), or could it be the (here the Audi content) latest iteration of the

... it may now be painfully obvious to you, but they've been longitudinally 
mounting V engines in cars for quite some time now!  If you'd like to see 
a V engine mounted longitudinally, I'd recommend that you open the hood of
a Viper (suggested because it ties everything together ... the Viper has a 
V engine with *5* cylinders in each bank ... even the name has a V in it :)

I'll bet that it is either a marketing ploy to tie the 5 in as a "VRn" or 
a typo.  Hey, if you put on a 20V head you could push VW marketing BS a bit 
more and say that it is an *extremely* narrow V! ;-)  Heck, it'd be a twin 
cam like the VR6 [and would actually be a 4-valve/cyl too!]

Apologies for the funnin' but it IS Friday night .... :-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)