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Re: Tom Johnson's Rebuild??

a-powell1@tamu.edu,Internet writes:
HOWINHELL can it be an ignition problem??  Can't Happen!!!  The 
ignition has NOTHING to do with mechanical wear in the cylinder 
walls.  It has to do with igniting the fuel/air mixture at the right 

I agree with the rest of your post but the ignition has a hell of a lot to do
with mechanical wear. detonation (pre ignition) will play havoc with
rings,cylinder walls and pistons to the point wear it can burn a hole in the
top of a piston etc. Also a simple thing like retarded timing will cuase the
motor to run exceccissvly hot and damage rings and bores etc.

I'm not saying that this was the fellows problem  just that things should be
understood before advice is given so as not to confuse people. I notice this
goes on a lot in this mailing list. 

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