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Any Q-listers in Hastings, MN for German Auto Fest?

Hi gang,

Sorry for the bandwidth, but I'm wondering if any of you were at
the German Auto Fest this weekend in Hastings, MN?

On a whim, I headed up there with my family and ended up entering
the S4 in the car show.  :)  (If any of you were there, do you know
who won in each category?  I had to leave before the announcements
were made).

In short, GREAT show...  let's see... a Tresser 1984 Ur-Q, Pearl
Coupe Q, a few V8's, two S4's (one of which belonged to Scott
Thiss Pres. of Q-Club USA).  I did meet Mr. Thiss and got to check
out his S4...  nice machine (Lowered w/ Eibachs, AZEV wheels, Hoppen
mods... manifold etc.).   Other honorable mentions...  lots of cool
VW Bugs, damn nice 911's (incl. a new twin turbo).   I took a
whole roll of film, and you can bet your britches that as soon as I
get it developed it will be on the Net!  ;)




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