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Please help find these techs

Subj:	Please help find these techs
Date:	96-05-12 19:12:17 EDT
From:	SELECTTRA@aol.com
Sender:	owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net
To:	quattro@coimbra.ans.net

Several techs have moved out of our area or moved on to other fields. 
Their expertise, for the occasional puzzle or if ever return to our area,
open positions would be a great benefit.  Please share info on their
current employment/where were they last/correct spelling if possible.

Bravo, John or Brajo (sp?) prev Oswego NY area Audi tech-heard word that  
                         he was now with NJ Audi/M-B dealer???

Kreasik, Anthony (Tony) prev Cortland Foreign Motors, Scherz VW/Audi      
                      tech-heard that he was in Gardner NC as of 6/93

LeMark, Rob prev Loughlin Audi now may have own shop Upstate NY ??

Kodell, Paul  prev VW tech, hurt fingers left field/Buffalo NY area??

Your responses are appreciated!  Good techs are getting so rare, it would
be nice if we could have in addition to list of forum subscribers, a list
of dealership techs by product line!  It would be a great help to all
shops and no real invasion of privacy--any tech who did not wish to be
contacted could be flagged on list as such, kind of like a note to junk
mail providers.

Check out our website @ http://www.selecttr.com
Joel Osserman, proprietor
Select Transportation-#4 buyer VW/Audi off-lease USA-1993