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RE: Registering Car in NM

On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, Duff, Ian wrote:

> If this is a new-to-you car, needing new plates, one presumes you are
> not going to be driving your current Audi. You should be able to (wink,
> wink, nudge, nudge) transfer your current plates, and take advantage of
> the registration swap period while you drive home, no?

In CT thats a HUGE no no. If you run with the wrong plates on the car, 
its misappropriation of plates plus a bunch of other things, along with a 
stiff fine and an automatic court date. If you run with NO plates, its 
only a $25 fine and you're on your way, assuming you have valid license, 
can show insurance for THAT car, and can prove you just bought it.


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