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Re: Audi terminology?

On 15 June 1996 11:56, Alvin [aau@mnl.sequel.net] said

>Hi Paul!
>I saw your posting and I'm considering a 4000CS quattro 1986 model with
>about 80K miles in it. It seems in pretty good shape for a 10 yr. old car
>and would like to have more info regarding this car.  Your comments and
>insights with what to expect and look out for before buying this car would
>be most welcome. Also, I live in Manila, Philippines where we have tropical
>climate and poor road conditions with only a small audi parts dealer with
>virtually minimal stock of audi parts; audi has announced plans for a
>service center here though :-). Thanks in advance.

Hi Alvin.

80 or 90 quattros are great cars - however, they can be expensive to 
 maintain.  The only way I can afford mine, is by doing all the 
 maintenance myself.

The engines seem to go on for ever, especially if previous owners have 
 serviced them correctly (oil, oil filter and air filter changes).  The 
 valve guides wear, so it is not uncommon to see blue smoke on the 
 overrun.  The actual oil consumption figures quoted by Audi allow very 
 high consumption which they say is normal.

The 4WD is great, especially if the roads are not particularly good.  
 Tyre wear can be a problem.  A car with 80,000 miles is likely to need 
 new shocks (GBP200) and upper strut bearings F&R (GBP60), new rubber 
 bushes for wishbones F&R, rear dif., and maybe even subframes F&R 
 (GBP300).  New discs F&R are also probably needed.

My 80q now has nearly 140,000.  I drove it for the last six years and 
 covered 80,000.  Apart from servicing components and the components in 
 the previous paragraph, all it has needed in that time is a front 
 outer CV joints (GBP100), two front springs (they both broke!), a ball 
 joint (GBP40), a door handle (GBP5 from scrapyard), a headlamp 
 (GBP120) and a clutch master cylinder (most difficult car job I have 
 ever done as MC assembly on RHD cars is impossible to get at).  

It also needed a rear calipers (GBP75 from a scrapyard), but this may 
 have been my fault as I sheered a bleed nipple.  The radiator has 
 leaked very slightly since I've had the car, but I put up with this.  
 Also the rear dif has a very slight leak, but again, I put up with this also.

To summarise:
	Great car
	Very reliable
	Cheap to run if you do your own maintenance
	Spares available at almost reasonable cost from non VW/Audi dealers