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Paul's observations

	Paul [in addition to a most helpful post] states:

	>>>just that things should be understood before advice is given 
so as not to confuse people.  I notice this goes on a lot on this mailing 

	Hmmmm.  While it is obviously important to understand something 
before trying to give advice on how to fix it, it has been *my* 
observation that, given the medium, you are more likely to get good 
advice on this list than at *some* Audi dealerships.  Problem with the 
medium is that a problem can only be assessed based on a verbal depiction 
of what is happening to the car.  This is far different than having the 
car in the garage.  Despite this inherent problem (?), it is my bet that 
99% of the problems posted to this list are capable of being solved by 
the advice given on the list.  Pretty damned good ratio if you ask me.  
To be sure, some advice is incorrect.  Only differece is, here you don't 
pay for incorrect diagnosis of a problem, at an Audi dealership you do.

	As for me, thanks for ALL the advice guys!