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Brake Pads

dan_masi@MENTORG.COM (Dan Masi) asketh:
> As a newcomer to Audi, I was shocked to find that
> after less than a week of A4Q ownership, and mostly
> highway driving, my front wheels are looking pretty
> darned black.  I've never had a car that produces
> this much brake dust!
> Is this an Audi trait?  I'm sure I'll see less of
> it ones the pads get some more miles on them, but
> even so, it's an awful lotta dust.  When the time comes,
> what third-party pads do Audi fans like?

Dan - there has been a lot of discussion about this. and I may start 
up some discagreement with this - but I had the same problem with a 
5K and a 200, and replaced the pads with Repco Metal Masters.  For 
street driving, these are used by more than one on this list - BUT - 
they are not regarded well for track use.  I find they give off much 
less dust than the stock pads, which frankly are so filthy that I 
chucked the last pair with 10K on them and put the Metal Masters on, 
kissing off the $$$$$$$ that I had into the factory pads.

IF you are going to do some track or high-performance driving with 
this car, re-post and you'll get lots of advice on pads which will 
hold up under high-abuse service.

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