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Re: 100 CS Quattro vs. 20v 200 Qauttro

> I have been looking into '91 200 quattos, and have found a few worth 
> investigating.  I am also interested in finding 5 speed '92 and '93 100 CS 
> quattros, but am a bit bummed at the 172 hp provided.  I like the reliability 
> factor of a normally aspirated V6 over a turbo 5 so my question is, what kind of 
> aftermarket options are available for the V6 that can boost the hp to closer to 
> 200 without breaking the bank or car (chips, wastegate, etc.).  

The V6 is NOT reported to be reliable.  The turbo 5 is reported to be
pretty much bulletproof.  91 200Q is already > 200hp.  There are no
significant gains obtainable with the V6.  I'd go for the 200 myself,
wouldn't even consider the V6.

BTW, I have an 86 5kCSTQ and a 95 90Q(has V6).  The 86 is more fun to drive.