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Re: ATTENTION: All UrQ Owners!

Robert Houk - SMCC Bos Desktop Hardware wrote:
> Some time back I posted a "fixit" tip on derouting the radiator fan
> through the A/C/Fresh-Air circuit (since it tends to melt the A/C/
> Fresh-Air fan fuse/relay panel) and rewiring to run through the
> main fuse/relay box.
> Well, don't do that either, the main fuse panel will melt.

This was the first fuse box failure in my '82 Coupe.  I bypassed
it and it worked well from then on.  My car has only one fan
speed (radiator hot/AC on).  I eventually had to replace the fuse
box totally.  The new one is much improved over the old one and
I have had no problems since, (1988 or so?) even with the fan
running through the new fuse box.

Don Hoefer
"82 Coupe