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Re: Clunk!

Thanks to everyone who helped in finding my 'clunk' problem - after looking
at just about everything else, it turns out mine was lower control arm
bushings, both sides.  Didn't even look at them as a possibility because I
didn't think they would cause that severe of a physical 'clunk' sound,
but...there wasn't very much of them left.  Hope this helps someone else

At 03:13 PM 6/7/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> Al - I have EXACTLY the same problem on a '88 90q...hmmm, other than being
>> Audi's, what do they have in common?  Because mine's a manual, yours auto;
>> mine quattro, yours FWD; mine a 90, yours a 200.  I have also checked
>> engine/tranny/diff mounts and they seem fine.  The clunk sounds kind of like
>> CV joints, except that it is located further back in the car, and you can
>> feel something hitting underneath the car.  I was thinking maybe the
>> driveshaft going to the back of the car, but your car doesn't have one.  I
>> checked exhaust also.  I can't duplicate it by putting on the brake and
>> slipping the clutch a little to load up the drivetrain; nothing moves around
>> that shouldn't.  And it's only when turning right, or occasionally on
>> initial start.

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