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Re: ATTENTION: All UrQ Owners!

In a message dated 96-06-17 15:15:48 EDT, you write:

>P.S.	All'uh'youse UrQ owners out there, I would be interested in
>	feedback on the state of your car vis-a-vis the above -- how
>	many of your cars shows meltdown damage (or no problems at
>	all)?

 Started playing with the main fuse block about a year ago.  Replaced it and
along the way noticed that the glove box relay holder was melted.  The
plastic had forced its way into the spade lugs going to the relay.  This, in
turn, interrupted the connection.  I broke out the melted plastic and
hardwired in the relay.  I felt that the heat was probably created by a
resistance connection between the lug and relay.  Haven't had a problem since
but I do not use the car ('83TQC) much.  

Now since we are talking electrical goodies, let me toss this in.  Last
weekend I decided I'd fire up the TQC.  Naturally the battery was dead.
 Normally, I'd just throw on the charger wait a while and then go for a
drive.  But about a month ago I bought a DVM and I decided now's the time to
play with the Audi.  Dead battery - no starter, no click and I measured 8.5V.
 After a bit of charging, with charger off, float voltage was 12, load
voltage was 9.5.  Left the charger on overnight.  Float voltage with charger
on was 14.5, charger off 13.8, on load 11.8.  Battery is 1 year old Audi
battery.  Measurements were made across the battery terminals.  

   I haven't made the measurement yet but is there a significant voltage drop
from the battery to the ECU?

   How low can the supply dip before the ECU decides not to fire?

    Anybody ever figure out a separate rechargeable (stiff) power supply for
the ECU?  

The reason for all these ECU questions is that almost all of my hard starting
problems seem to be directly related to the spark plugs not firing.
 Occassionally when my car would not start I'd throw on a timing light and
OFTEN when the engine is cranking over there would be no spark but when I
would let go of the key I'd get one flash.  Sometimes the car would be able
to catch on this, most times not.  The more I ponder this, the more I think
that the ECU must require a VERY stiff supply - something that the new cars
do not???????  

    Internally does the TQC MAC-02 use +12VDC? or is the supply regulated
down to say +9VDC? Are the new car's ECUs based on +5???????

Enough rambling,