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Subject: Re: Temperature light on
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Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 10:39:59 -0600 (CDT)
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> I too gave my engine a bath with "Gunk' yesterday (87 5k CST) and guess =
> what? the temp light stays on!  All i can figure is that I got water in =
> the sender. I believe there are two senders, one for water level and one =
> for temperature. Is this correct? if it is it's the level one that's =
Well, there are two for the temperature, and one for the coolant level
I believe.  The coolant level low is in the expansion tank and that will
trip the light.  The other thing that will trip the light is the tmep
switch for the computer.  I believe it is on top of the coolant hose near then engine.
It has two wires.  The main temp sender for the gauge is right below it
and has 4 wires coming from it.  Disconnect each one, one by one
until the signal goes off.  THen you can figure out which device is setting
it off.  GOod luck

> affected. I think the sender is a pain to get at, but i haven't really =
> tried yet. Anybody have any ideas??
> Steve