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Re: Catalytic converter questions

>rander07@interserv.com wrote:
>I have an '87 5kQuattro w/ 130k, and I think I am in need of a new catalytic 
>converter.  It makes that pebble in a tin can noise above 2,000 RPM in the 
>general vicinity.  

This noise occurs when a chunk of ceramic inside the catalytic converter 
cracks off and starts tumbling around the inside of the housing.

>I am selling the car soon, and the prospect of buying a $400 cat. for a 
>$3500 car is proposterous.  I understand it is a heavy fine (like $10k) if I 
>remove it & put a pipe through to the first muffler.
>Any inexpensive alternatives to a new Audi cat?  HELP

You should be able to find an aftermarket catalytic converter that will 
fit. Probably one with a universal fit design will do. That's what I put 
in my Audi 4k a couple of years ago. Price was $250 CDN versus $600 CDN 
for the Audi part. 

I guess, check a Parts USA or PEP BOYS or NAPA or something like that. I 
got mine at Canadian Tire (which isn't of help to you, but somebody will 
have an aftermarket part).

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