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message problems

hi Nick van Houte and q-list,

I'm sorry I was not able to respond to you earlier, I just got back in to 
work today after a 5-day weekend, and am just now catching up with the q-
digests. I offer profound apologies for all the trouble that the message from 
my company's server caused you. FWIW, I will show it to our local network 
administrator (NA) today, who might then contact our corporate NA. Although 
it sounds like you have fixed the problem on your own, I will relay any info 
I get to the list, as it seems that you were not the only one affected. 
Please forgive me if I sound defensive, but I want you to know that the 
problem was definitely not my neglect of my mailbox. Our network, although 
past the infancy stage, is not much past the "terrible twos". Please let me 
know personally if you have any more trouble, and I will unsubscribe from the 
list until the problem is definitely fixed.

Thanks for your patience,
'93 90csq
North Wales, PA