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A8 Quattro - I've got it!

     Just picked it up, as promised. Black Metallic color, with
     purple undertones. Tiptronic, which the dealer confirmed will not be
     available in  the United States. Light grey interior. About 7000 kms
     on the car. Dealer says price of the Quattro will be about $65K.

     Drove it back to work, 12 km. Initial impressions: does not feel
     markedly bigger or heavier than my 200 TQW. Definitely punchier than
     my IA Stage I car; love that low-end V8 torque!  Only attracted stares
     from a big Infinity and a big Lexus, which is probably fine with Audi:
     I'm sure they would love to have the business after those folks get
     bored with their cars.

     DC area folks, give a call at (301) 270-8073 if you need directions
     and you want to come by around 8:00PM tonight for a look see.

     More later,

     Tom F.