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Noises, Rattles, and locks ?


I have an Audi 4000cs-quattro (1986); which has two problems one new one old.  The new one; I here a rattle or/and hard clunks from what I belive is the front end??  (My Scirocos' once they hit 100+miles started to do the same, most of the time it was the strut bushings?)  My Q has 146k, and seems to ride ok, not great?  And also makes a rolling scrape type sound at slow speeds 0~15 MPH (sounds like a bearing but have had the fronts replaces when bought at 135k??.  The 2nd question is kinda triv but my door locks never have worked (air power that is or auto mode)  I took out the air pump in the trunk and tested with +12v and it started to work once I junped two wires inside and I think I killed IT :-(   Any ideas and help would be nice and needed.

Thanks Ahead-of-time
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PS- I know all I-5 engines have valve clatter (I hope?!)  In the winter they were loud when cold then went away.  In the summer they still make noise not as loud.  Mostly when just started, or slow RPMs.  Castrol and MAHN filters every 3k???

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!