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Re: shrouded in air

In a message dated 96-06-18 13:01:37 EDT, you write:

<< I haven't yet found the air inlet which supplies air to the shroud region.
 The brass(?) injector mount fixtures in the 89 head appear to be identicle
 to the ones in the 83 head. Maybe I am missing something. And when I
 had the intake manifold off there was nothing obvious around the inlet
 port. Probst shows air supplied by the inlet manifold in his example, but
 there is no such beast on the Audi manifold. I agree that by using the 83
 injectors, air could be flowing freely around the injector tips which could
 result in a non-optimum air flow pattern.  But at this point I am getting 
 to hear this thing run. It will be a close call which will breath air first,

 franken-q or the new child which is due in <2 weeks.
.... Man you 'd better hurry up....   The air shroud supply is located midway
back on the intake manifold and is a 4-6in hose that goes from intake to
center of head (where the injector ports are...)  You can easily disconnect
and plug both ports to run the "old" style injectors, but the air shrouded
are the preferred for that atomization thing (better hot running)....