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Re: Bearing prices

Last week Orin wrote:

>It just so happens that I have a brand new bearing kit here, 86.5 5k onward,
>82mm OD.  Bearing is FAG, number is 565636.
>You really need the axle nut, circlip and ball joint bolt as well as the
>bearing.  The old bolt will be unusable.  The new one is M10.9x45mm, only
>last 25mm is threaded.

Hi Gang,

	Does anyone know if this is also the correct number for my '87 5kCSQ? I
have been told that the Quattro uses the same wheel bearings front and rear,
but is it the same bearing the the standard 5k uses? I plan on replacing the
bearings in all 4 corners in the next couple of weeks as at 115K the left front
has started making a slight(so far) noise; the others can't be far behind. If
Orin's number is correct I'll call the place in CT. that Bob D. recommended and
order from them. I've so far gotten quotes from $48-$83/bearing; $12 sounds
much more reasonable!! Do I need to go through Audi to get the axle nut,
circlip, and balljoint bolt or are these readily available elsewhere?



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