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A8 wow!

Went over to the audi dude(dealer) and drove a very sweet midnight blue german spec 4.2L A8. 
took it into the hills near walnut creek CA and had it not been for the trooper we spotted in front of us 
we would have opened it up good. Any way, on the way back took an on ramp (graded 35miles) at 
160 kmh  and made  the sales guy remember god aloud.  Glue pure glue...almost dares you to be 

I love that car ...mybe if I win the lotto... maybe i will give them out to my quiet  friends to explore 
realms of hidden personalities...(sigh...One can dream)

Oh... the safety feature present in American cars w/regards sunroof ..is not available and as such 
almost got my hand cut off. How do those Germans do it?