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Re: V8 Recall....

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P.S.:  V8 Trivia - Do you have answers to the 
	following or can you post to
	the list?  
	How many "versions" of the V8 came to the US? 
	I know there was:
1) 3.6 auto - like my '90

* Yes.

2) 3.6 stick - '91?

* Yes. it was 91 only.

3) 4.2 auto - late '91/'92?

* I believe it is more like the 93 model,
  but not sure.

4) Was there ever a 4.2 stick? (six speed)  

* Nope.

5) Did the later '91s and '92s
   come with normal brakes?  

* I think late 91 they came with regular front brakes.

6) When did the auto cars get "new" and improved
   transmission software? 

* The only occurence of this I know is the tranny for
* Eliot Lim's car in Washington state.  No other V8 
* owner that I know of has the new tranny software.
* That includes the 25 or so on the V8 registry.

7) Since my car hasn't had the tranny software upgrade 
   (I think) does anyone do this aftermarket?  

* The dealer will most likely have no idea what your 
  talking about :-( unless you call the one Eliot had
  his done at....

* To tell if you have the new software, from a standing
  stop, put it in Manual mode, shift to third, accelerate
  slowly. If it downshifts to second, then first you 
  have the new software, if it stays in third you have 
  the original software.

8) Have any of the V8 listers tried TAP/Stupor Chips/IA 
   chips yet?  I want to chip my car with some confidence.

* I'm planning on either a Superchip or IA chip in the 
  future as well.  As soon as I get the surge problem fixed,
  the chip will come next. The only problem I have is you 
  have to ship your computer to them :-(

9) Finally, I know of a '92 V8 in Spokane, WA at a MB dealer.
   Car has 42K miles, Green/light colored interior , would 
   by definition have 2 air bags,  4.2 liter, servotronic, 
   and adjustable steering wheel, I am guessing auto also. 
   I WANT this car....if it weren't priced at 32K.  I am not
   a valuation expert, but for low 20's I'd buy it...

* My dream V8 would be a 94/95 V8 4.2 Auto, then put the rear 
  end gears from a 90 V8 in it, unplug the servotronic, get 
  the heads ported and polished and yeeehhaaaaa!!!!!!!  

* Andy below is the current V8 registry I have.....

V8 List updated as of 4-2-96

http://www.mindspring.com/~vikram/v8qc.html (not sure if this still 
works, Vikram is selling his V8 :-(... )

1) 1990 V8 Pearl/Gray 75K Miles, Auto, Cobram, Massachusetts

2) 1990 V8 Pearl/Gray  94k Miles, Auto, Timothy P. Schanno, unknown

3) 1990 V8 Pearl/Gray 90k Miles, Auto, John Karasaki, Oregon

4) 1990 V8 Pearl/Gray 50k miles, Auto, Scott Olson, Schaumburg, IL

5) 1990 V8 Pearl/Blue 88k Miles, Auto, Wolfgang Shuler, N. Hampshire

6) 1990 V8 Pearl/Black 120K Miles, Auto, Paul Rivera, California, LA

7) 1990 V8 Pearl/Black 60k Miles, Auto, Dave Senum, 

8) 1990 V8, Pearl/Black 78K miles, Auto, Randall Paquette, Maine

9) 1990 V8 Black/Black 93K miles, Auto, Randall C. Markarian, Missouri

10) 1990 V8 Black/unknown 88k Miles, Auto, Eric Lindgren, Iowa

11) 1990 V8 Black/Gray 142k Miles, Auto, Chris King, Texas

12) 1990 V8 Black/Platinum 72K Miles, Auto, Mark Hogan, Maryland

13) 1991 V8 Gray Black/Platinum 39k Miles, 5 speed, Tony Parkinson, Florida

14) 1990 V8 Charcoal Grey/Grey 76K Miles, Auto, Vikram Kumar, Georgia

15) 1990 V8 Silver/Black , 70k Miles, Auto, Greg Owens, Seattle, Washington

16) 1990 V8 Platinum/Black 80km, Auto, John Firkins, Australia ?

17) 1990 V8 Platinum/Titanium 39k miles, Auto, Andy Majewski, Washington

18) 1990 V8 Burgandy/Tan 88K Miles, Auto, Eliot Lim, Washington

19) 1990 V8 Lago Blue/unkown 67k Miles, Auto, Les Lampman, Washington

20) 1990 V8 Bamboo/Tan 60k Miles, Auto, Mike LaRosa, N. Hampshire

21) 1990 V8 Bronze/unknown 83k miles, Auto, Fredrik Olsson, Colorado

22) 1990 V8 Silver Blue/Blue 89K miles, Auto, Tim Gortner, Colorado

23) 1990 V8 Black/Platinum 76k miles, Auto, Kurt Horst, Seattle Washington

24) 1990 V8 Blue/Grey 96k miles, Auto, Bruce Romero, Kirkland Washington

25) 1990 V8 ?/?  53K miles, Auto, David Critzer, ? ?

Calendar year     V8 quattro
1989                    889 (1990 Model)
1990                   1934
1991                    527
1992                    270
1993                    170
1994                     77
1995                      1

Total                   3868