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A/C Upgrade?

            At PEP Boys this morning( its getting bad when you stop by the
auto parts store on your way to work and on your way home-again) I saw a
product from a company named QUESTthat purported to be a conversion kit for
converting your old R12 based A/C system to a R134A system. Seemed to
consist of valve conversions  and a new oil additive to make the compressor
lubricant compatible with the new refrigerant. Any one out there seen this,
used it, know anything about it? Looks like a very good deal if it works.
Just replaced my compressor and was going to try to bribe PEP boys into
selling me the cans of R12 I needed, but if this would work- cost would be
much-much lower?

Any comments- info?


(Still trying to get the 86 4KCSQ ready for the 2000 mile trip to Los Alamos
N.M. and thought it might be time to get the A/C fixed.)

Samuel A. Letzring
Senior Scientist
Laboratory for Laser Energetics
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY. 14623
FAX 275-5960