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Continuing saga of Ur-Q with no spark


Maximum frustration! My Ur-Q still won't spark. I've replaced Hall Effects 
Distributor Module and tonight I replaced Ignition Control Module.

Three questions:

1. Local supplier did not reference an Ignition module for 83 TQC in his parts 
inventory but he did have one for '84-86 5000 Turbo. I optted to try the 5000 
Turbo Module. Does anyone have any information on compatibility/incompatibility 
of 5000T modules with Ur-Q?

2. I now get a weak spark just after I stop cranking. I recall a recent thread 
on low voltage in Ur-Qs causing this. Can you repeat directly to me (to 
eliminate redundancy on the Q-list)

3. In dropping (almost literally) engine back in I hit the original coil. As 
insurance I replaced the dented old coil with a Lucas "Super Coil."  Resistance 
measurements are not exactly Q specs. They call for primary resistance of 1800 
ohms I get 2200. They call for .60. 85 ohms across secondary and I get 1.3. Will 
this affect spark?

Your help appreciated

Paul A. Caouette
Partners for Community Development
Denver, Colorado
 83 TQC with 207k & Still Going
 85 4000Q 
And Many past Audis Gone but not Forgotten