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Subject: considering a 4000CS
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Hello audi fans!

I was considering a 1986 4000cs with quattro drivetrain, power windows,
steering and roof. Still in good shape and selling for about US$10 (maybe i
can haggle for another $1K or more) but i was offered an A80 1989 model (non
quattro version) sans pwer steering & window but the styling is more
current. Both are in about the same condition. Tradeoff between the two is
current styling against performance with more amenities (well, i guess there
are some after market power window and steering kit available for the
A80???). By the way, are there bolt on performance kits for 1.8L engine and
suspension of the A80? is it worth the trouble? i live in Manila,
Philippines where everything has to be ordered by mail or thru an exclusive
local audi parts dealer (sans competetion). The A80 is selling for about US$12K.
Your comments and insights are most welcome.
thanks in advance,