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Re: 86-88 TQW rear discs?

In a message dated 96-06-18 02:33:16 EDT, I wrote:

>The measurements will tell the tale on Jackies wagon. The solid rear for
>sedans should be 244.5x10mm versus 269x20mm for the vented version. T'morrow
>will tell the tale....

Looks like sedan rotors were the cure on this one! The old ones measured up
to sedan spec and the new ones dropped right in. I held up a vented rotor to
the loaded caliper and it just wouldn't fly. Seems to me someone changed out
calipers at some point, unless perhaps Audi did it under recall and the orig
app pieces were national backorder or some such...

As a trivia point, they were Girling 36 calipers, anyone confirm/deny using
these on their 86-88 5KTQ Avant? And which rotors are you running?

Live 'n' learn...
-Chris Semple