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Re: Mike Spiers Klub

     I would bet on a broken belt from your description.  Wheel is probably 
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Mike Spiers Klub
Author:  esw5@cornell.edu (Ernest Wong) at Internet
Date:    6/19/96 9:39 PM

Hiya Gang,
Guess what? Today, my right front wheel found a nice sink-hole to its 
liking and decided to meet it.
Damn Bus. I had to swing wide to clear it. Damn thing was trying to edge 
its way into the intersection.
I stopped very soon after the big Bang Krunch from the left front and 
visually inspected it. No damage, I thought to my pretty alloys. 
Later in the day, I went to get some gas to keep the fuel pump cool.
Driving at 55mph and upwards, there can be felt a nice vibration and thumpa 
thumpa coming from the wheels. Guess I dented up the inner rim.
Sigh! It's fine at low speeds, but I can now feel how fast I'm going by 
listening and feeling the rhythm of the vibration. It's not fun.
I hope I didn't damage the less than 1 summer old BFG Comp T/A ZR. T'was at 
39lbs of air on a 55 series tire.  Guess I should go to 40+lbs of air to 
protect the rims. Time to pull the wheel and check for blisters.
Damn local Dept. of Public Not-Work. Pay yer taxes and . . .
Hope Mr. Spiers doesn't mind me using his name like this. Time to commiserate. 
Wonder what type of liquid mechanic this calls for?
Pentosin on the Rocks? (Midori and Soda)
Or is it the famous Head Gasket Shake. (Kahlua Milk Shake)