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Re: Summit Racing ??

"J. B. Lewis" sets the record straight, and when the smoke from Yer Kindly ol' 
Unka Bart's self inflicted petard-hoisting clears, the olc rutabega stands 
revealed with an egg-encrusted visiage:

Oooops, those numbers are for Bill Scott at "Summit Point," the West by-Gawd 
Virginia home of BSR (Bill Scott Racing), not Summit racing as requested by
Albert Ng.  Xin Loi, Amigos....

> >> Anyone have Summit Racing phone number?
> >
> >(304) 725-8444
> >(304) 725-6512
> >(304) 728-7124 [fax]
> >
> >Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart 

> While I don't have their catalog handy, that 304 area is definitly not
> right....  Akron's area code is 330!
> I also thought they had an 800 number.... That I definitly could wrong about
> though.