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FW: Mt. Washington Ergo Zoom!

From:  Royal,Paul
Sent:  Wednesday, June 19, 1996 10:00 AM
To:  'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'
Subject:  Repeat Mt. Wash????

 I haven't yet heard from anybody about this on the list or otherwise.
 I'd really like to gets some tips on what all is up..place to watch etc.
 Need for more workers?

 I'm interested in attending the Mt. Washington madness as
well. Is Sunday THE day to go?  Can someone share info on best places
to watch, time to get there..etc.  I'd be interested in meeting some Audi
folks as well.  I'll be coming up Route 16 through Ossippee, Conway, etc.
I'd be up for the breakfast if we could settle on a place. Anyone else   
North through the Sanbornville, NH area (10 miles South of Ossippee)   
blow off Route 16 to take Route 153 North at Sanbornville.  This road   
takes 10
extra minutes at most and is infinately more entertaining...it comes out   
in Conway at Route 16.

  Paul Royal
  1990 90Q20v
  1987 5Ks (248,000 miles and ticking..like a bomb)
  1967 Camaro SS/RS (A+)