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RE: Audi mountain bike??

At 08:42 AM 6/20/96 PDT, you wrote:
>The last time Audi touted having mountain bikes the frames were made by
>Lightspeed and the had Audi decals on 
>them. The bike premiered at an European Auto show two years ago.
>If Audi began marketing bikes again I seriously doubt they would actually
>produce the frameset themselves. It 
>would be much more effective from a cost and manufacturing logistics
>perspective to outsource the job. The only 
>way I would expect to see Audi producing bikes would be if they were making
a >full scale commitiment to the 
>bicycle industry, which is possible, but not very profitable. 

Yep...I agree with you there.  Again, this is just a RUMOR that I've heard
from some fat-tire heads on the net...

Thanks for the info.  Some people on this list seemed to think that my
question was a bad joke and flamed me for it.  I'll bet they didn't know
that, in addition to Audi, BMW, Aston Martin, Lotus, and, of course, Peugeot
all make or slap their names onto bicycles.  Some even attach
automobile-like price tags to their machines...