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Re: Continuing saga of Ur-Q with no spark

On Jun 20, 11:07am, Robert Houk - SMCC Bos Desktop Hardware wrote:
> Subject: Re: Continuing saga of Ur-Q with no spark
> Any one of half-a-dozen signals gone AWOL within the wiring harness will
> cause the ECU to say no. See if the ECU is pulsing the ignition module
> (pins 2 and 17 on the connector go to the ig module, one is I think
> +12 (?) and the other is the trigger signal to fire the spark.

	Does the Ur-Q have something similar to my '85 5KT for diagnostics?
	A handful of problems (mostly ignition/sensor related) can be
	located on mine using the tach and the check-engine light. Some
	of the faults can be located even if the engine won't start
	at all (you're normally required to drive the car at 1.2+ bar
	and 3000+ rpm to store the codes).

	I know there's no Bentley for these beasts, so if there might
	be such a feature, I'd be happy to fax the appropriate pages
	from mine.


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