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re: Pearl white Touch-up

Al writes:
>Someone asked today if there is Pearl White touch-up paint.  Yes, but 
>it's three parts - the base is  Arctic White (I think that's the 
>name) then there's a pearl element, then you need to top it with 
>clear coat, which is available in many paint lines.  I doubt that you 
>can make a very presentable touch-up of much area.  OTOH, for 
>pinpoints, I have used a toothpick point to appply the white and topped 
>it with clear coat.  (Yeah, I didn't find out the pearl part existed 
>till later....whoopee..)

That Lincoln Connie that I was looking over for the old man was Pearl White of
sorts and FoMoCo had touched up the rear bumper. It looked blatant and pretty
much awful. I'd find a way to test the paint touch up to match before applying
it on the tricky Pearl White Audi finish. 

                            -Osman Parvez                            
                             85 mr2
                             89 200TQ (pop's, someday will be mine)
                             91 Golf
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