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RE: Compressor oil slinging

Mike asked:

>Just noticed mine doing the same. Anyone know:
>1) Where does this oil come from?
>2) How does one "refill it"?

Hi Mike,

	This is a high viscosity compressor oil that is added with the freon.
In the good ol' days of DIY A/C maintainance you could buy lil' cans of
compressor lube and add them to the system via a cheap hose unit into the low
pressure side of the compressor. Now you probably have to pay big bucks to some
overpaid, undereducated high school drop-out to do the same thing. My apologies
to underpaid overeducated high school and university graduated mechanics who can
not find gainful employment in their respective fields of study; I know a
fellow with a masters in geology from Dartmouth who's been spinnin' wrenches
for about 30 years, but he's NOT underpaid!! 'Round here it's about $120 just
to have 'em check the system over!!!