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Mailman drives an Audi

Walking back to my apartment this morning from the local Starbuck's (once in awhile 
compulsion for their mocha java that is SO expensive it makes you wonder if you aren't drinking 
something harder when you shell out the cash) I saw the local mailman unloading a few sacks of 
precious postal stuff from the trunk of a beautiful gold '86 5000S into one of those odd little 
tricycles with odometers.  Strange, because they normally drive such boxy machines.  Stopped to 
ask about the car.  He was an older gentleman who has owned the car for ~ 5 years.  It was one of 
the most pristine cars from around that year I've seen; even the muffler tip was clean! He'd just 
been nailed for the steering rack a few months ago ($1600!?).  The rest of the car runs 
beautifully (you'd have to see it...not a spot anywhere: car = NEW).  I got the impression that 
it wasn't his everyday mail-toting vehicle. He said he really loved driving it.  I asked if he 
had a computer and he hesitantly told me that he hadn't gotten around to them yet. I gave him my 
phone number and told him that if he had any problems with his car to give me a ring; maybe I can 
help him keep his Audi running so that he can enjoy it more and pay for it a little less.  It 
dawned on me that this has been the problem with the Postal Service all along: not enough Audis!

Best Wishes,

Alex Kowalski
'84 4KQ